Biocides and water disinfection


Biocides are used to combat microorganisms in aqueous systems. Microorganisms can pose a danger to employees and they can severely disrupt processes.

Especially in open cooling circuits, microorganisms find ideal growth conditions. They enter the circuits via the make-up water or the ambient air and multiply there. Bacteria as well as algae and fungi can cause considerable damage to materials and blockages of pipe systems. While fungi primarily attack wood-based materials, bacteria and algae can lead to corrosion of metallic materials.

More recently, special attention has been paid to bacteria of the Legionella pneumophila type, the cause of Legionnaires’ disease. These can be inhaled by people via aerosols near the cooling tower and cause serious health complications, including deaths.

The use of biocides thus serves to protect people and plants and contributes to significantly increasing process reliability.

Our biocides have a very short half-life when used and therefore degrade rapidly in the environment. Therefore, they can also be used in cooling circuits of direct dischargers.

The biocidal active substances are registered in accordance with the Biocidal Products Regulation. They have been tested for their effectiveness against Legionella and can be used for Legionella control in accordance with VDI 2047.

Water disinfection by oxidation effect

Water disinfection tablets are used to disinfect contaminated drinking water, e. g. in the event of a risk of epidemics after environmental disasters or in areas where hygienically safe drinking water is not available.

When the tablets are dissolved in water, active chlorine is released, which kills the germs contained in the water through its oxidation effect.

We offer tablets for disinfection from 0.5 to 100 liters of water.

Our process water products can be found here.

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