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Water treatment – an important step in production and utilisation of water

Depending on its origin, natural water has different properties in terms of corrosiveness and the tendency to form scale. The contents absorbed by the water during its passage through the soil are decisive for this behaviour.

The respective geological formations as well as agricultural land use and eutrohication play an important role. In many cases, the water components make a treatment directly at the point of water collection necessary.

Typical processing steps are iron and manganese removal as well as hygienisation by use of chlorine. Flocculation and filtration also play an important role in the treatment of surface water, as suspended and dissolved impurities have to be removed in such cases.

Depending on the intended use, further processing steps such as softening, full desalination, adjustment of the pH value and the addition of inhibitors may be necessary.

Production and distribution of chemicals for water treatment as well as the associated application technology consulting. Proof has been provided that the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are met.

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