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Our product series at a glance

Products for cooling and process water treatment from the Neudos® product family

The Neudos KI series include both anodic and cathodic inhibitors, developed so that there is a specific product for each pH range and for the protection of different metals. In addition, some products are also combined with dispersants. Corrosion protection is achieved with some of the products in the form of a protective layer on the surface to be protected.

The Neudos KS series stands for cooling water stabilization. Our all-organic inhibitors are characterized by their good effectiveness. By placing a very thin film over the metal surface, you protect the metal from corrosion.

The Neudos KS series comprises phosphate-free corrosion inhibitors and dispersants. They are used where specifications regarding phosphate contents prevent the use of phosphate-containing products.

Biocides are frequently used to control microbiological contamination. Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or algae occur in all aqueous systems and can enter open circuits, e.g. via the make-up water or ambient air. There, microorganisms find ideal growth conditions due to the favorable temperature and pH conditions, the supply of nutrients and the incidence of light in the cooling tower, and can multiply optimally.

If microorganisms multiply in an uncontrolled manner in cooling circuits, this poses a considerable risk to humans, can severely disrupt processes, and can lead to plant shutdowns and production stoppages.

To limit microbiological growth, biocides are added to cooling systems. The use of biocides thus serves to protect people as well as plants and helps to significantly increase process reliability. Ochsmann Chemie has a broad portfolio of biocides that are suitable for every type of plant and treatment program:

Here is an excerpt from the biocide product catalog:

  • Neudos MB 25:
    Non-oxidizing biocide with efficacy against bacteria, algae and fungi in a broad pH spectrum.
  • Neudos MB 35:
    Oxidizing biocide against bacteria, algae and fungi; high environmental compatibility; also suitable for disinfection and in-plant cleaning and as an immediate measure/hazard prevention for cooling circuits
  • Neudos MB 36:
    Oxidizing broad-spectrum biocide with efficacy over the entire pH range; effectively prevents the occurrence of resistances
  • Neudos MB 40:
    Non-oxidizing biocide with efficacy against bacteria, algae and fungi; long-term stable, therefore suitable for wet preservation
  • Neudos MB 70:
    Non-oxidizing biocide for use in cooling circuits and also for combating algae in swimming pools
  • Neudos MB 80:
    Non-oxidizing biocide with particularly fast efficacy against bacteria, algae and fungi in a broad pH spectrum; non-foaming#.

Our biocides have a very short half-life when applied and therefore degrade rapidly in the environment. Thus, they can also be used in cooling circuits of direct dischargers. The biocidal active substances are registered in accordance with the Biocide Ordinance. They have been tested for their effectiveness against legionella and can be used for legionella control in accordance with the 42nd BImSchV or VDI 2047.

– Use biocides safely!

The Neudos FS series is our flocculant product range. In water treatment, whether of fresh water, industrial water or waste water, it is always necessary to remove water components quantitatively. This can be easily achieved by precipitation and flocculation. By sedimentation and/or filtration the discharged impurities can be easily separated from the water. Flocculants can be simple salts or consist of polymers. Flocculants are differentiated according to:

  • Charge (anionic/neutral/cationic),
  • charge density and
  • for polymers according to the degree of branching

Finding a suitable flocculant can be quite time-consuming. We will gladly examine your water samples in our laboratory and narrow down the product selection as far as possible. This way you can be sure that the use of chemicals is promising. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Products for boiler water treatment from the Neudos® product family

The Neudos BS series is the product group with similar effects to the Neudos KI, KS and KP series, but developed for the special conditions of use in boiler applications (temperature, steam, etc.).

The Neudos AM series is designed for the use of pH value adjustment in boilers and heating lines. It is important to distinguish between applications with and without condensation.

We will be happy to advise you on this.

Oxygen is one of the biggest corrosion factors in heating systems (heating and steam boilers). Therefore, one tries to bind the oxygen that is present in the system. The products of the Neudos SB series have been developed for this purpose.

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