Waterbed toiletries

Our brand for end customers – AguaNova®

As the EU’s leading manufacturer of special products for waterbed care, we consistently and continuously ensure improvements and progress in quality and effectiveness through continuous research and development. Of course, our products have been thoroughly tested for their material compatibility and – in particular the AGUANOVA conditioner, which has proven itself millions of times over in the meantime – have been successfully tested for their effectiveness by the Hygiene Institute of Heidelberg University.

In accordance with the regulations in the European Union (Detergents Regulation), the recipe information for our cleaning agents for waterbed care is stored here. In addition to the information on the packaging, you can also find out about all other ingredients.

Here you can download the recipe information

About ingredient names

Please find information in greater detail on www.aguanova.de !

AguaNova Waterbed Conditioner

It effectively fights germs in the water core and preserves its contents for up to 12 months. At the same time, it cares for and protects the vinyl film from the inside. This conditioner is effective against bacteria, fungi and algae over a wide pH range. Our water bed conditioner can be quickly eliminated in biological sewage treatment plants and, in the recommended application concentration, has no negative impact on the sewage treatment plant biology.

Wasserbettenpflege Vinyl Cleaner h176

AguaNova Vinyl Cleaner

Our vinyl cleaner has been specially developed for cleaning and care of waterbed mattresses. It maintains and protects the water mattresses from the outside and prevents cracking and embrittlement of the materials.

Wasserbettenpflege Vinyl Cream h176

AguaNova Vinyl Cream

As an alternative or supplement to the vinyl cleaner, we also offer a vinyl cream, which serves for the external care of the water mattresses. A mildly scented lotion, ideal for protecting the vinyl film from hardening and drying out and maintaining its flexibility and suppleness in the best possible way.

Wasserbettenpflege BubbleEx h176

BubbleEx – AguaNova BubbleEx

Reduces the formation of air bubbles in water beds.

Wasserbettenpflege Entlüftungspumpe h176

AguaNova Entlüftungspumpen

For pumping annoying air bubbles out of the water mattress.

Wasserbettenpflege Reparaturset h176

AguaNova Vinyl Repair Kit

Consists of tube with vinyl glue and vinyl foil piece.

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