Products for defoaming from the Neudos® product family

Neudos® Defoamer

Foam is produced in numerous industrial processes in which aqueous systems are used. As a result, significant disturbances in the process sequences can occur.

In order to destroy the foam and prevent its new formation, defoamers are used. These are specially developed for the respective foam originators, so that an optimum effect and a high efficiency in foam prevention is achieved.

Typical foaming agents are surfactants, proteins, glycosides from plants containing sugar and starch, metabolites from wastewater treatment and many more.

The defoamer has the task of destroying foam immediately (spontaneous effect) and suppressing renewed foam formation (long-term effect).

We offer defoamers for use in industry and food production. Our products meet the legal requirements for consumer and environmental protection. For the most part, they are rapidly biodegradable and non-toxic. The products for the food industry have the approvals for food-related applications.

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